Here’s How I Restored My Eyelashes After Beating Cancer


“I thought my eyelashes would never look elegant again after undergoing chemo for over 6 months. But this sneaky little technique helped me add length and luster to my eyelashes without clumps or smudging. Keep reading to find out how…”

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During an appointment with my doctor, they gave me the bad news. I was diagnosed with cancer.

It was devastating to hear it for the first time. I couldn’t believe my ears. It felt like a bad joke.

Only after taking a deep breath, the reality settled in… And all my hopes and dreams about the future were turned to ashes.

But my friends and family were very supportive. Especially my husband…

These were without a doubt the most challenging days of our lives.

And we sacrificed a lot to get where we are today.

And one day, after 6 months of undergoing chemo, they finally gave me the good news.

I was finally in remission!


This Crushed My Confidence the Most After Chemo…

After the good news, I was happy to have a second chance for some time until I realized the light at the end of the tunnel only meant the begging of a different set of problems.

Surviving cancer meant that I now had to put my life in order aging after everything was ruined.

I know, surviving this alone should be enough. But anybody who has been through something similar knows that it just doesn’t feel like that once it happens.

The thing is, undergoing chemo for 6 months costed me a lot…

Feeling confident is an essential need that every human being has. And you don’t have to ask for anyone’s permission to do what it takes to make sure that you have high self-esteem.

To my surprise, one of the most difficult things to bring back turned out to be my eyelashes…

You see, the big cosmetic brands all the time push products promising to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, grow hair and similar.

But when it comes to eyelashes, you don’t see as many alternatives…

The #1 Problem with “Magic” Eyelash Serums on the Market


My eyelashes never felt the same after chemo. And nothing that I tried help me with this issue.

Name any popular “growth serums” on the market, I’ve tried them all.

And they made the situation even worse than before!

I’m not going to give and names, but there is one that, after using, made my eyes feel itchy and red for an entire week until I found relief…

My Dermatologist Said: “It’s either this, or you should just get used to wearing false lashes.”

And still to this day, I regret giving these “magic” growth serums a shot…

This was the response I got after asking if there was any other way to solve this issue.

And I went to see 3 different dermatologists after that. They all give similar answers.

Only the last one recommended me a bunch of hypoallergenic serums.

And she was right. After searching for these rare serums that were a little hard to find, I gave them each a try. And these serums made using non-toxic ingredients didn’t trigger any allergic reactions.

But they didn’t help with my lashes either. They were as ineffective as splashing water on my face.

It’s Always the Last Place You Look Where You Find What You’re Looking For…

During this period of time, I never truly opened up to anyone about my plan.

I didn’t let anybody know that I was trying to get back in shape and have healthier skin and it’s because I didn’t want anyone to compliment me “as a favor” if you know what I mean.

I wanted them to say something only when they actually noticed a difference.

And I received the compliments that I was looking for when I did actually get back in shape and regained the glow of my skin.

But once after I lost all hopes of achieving that for my eyelashes, I finally told this issue that I had with my friend Sarah.


Now, Sarah and I went through chemo together.

And we became close friends after that, joining the same support group.

When I spilled the beans on her and told her how I got tired of false lashes, and nothing that the three dermatologists that recommended me to use have helped, I was surprised to find out that she might have had an answer for my problem…

As it turns out after chemo, Sarah went through a similar phase.

And she also gives growth serums a shot only to feel as disappointed as I did if not more.

But then, she came across something that I never heard of before…

She told me about this pro-aging mascara that was first discovered by another cancer survivor.

And it was so effective in helping other cancer survivors that the founder even was featured on the national news because of it!

Only ever since the initial news coverage, the larger cosmetic brands did everything they could to keep his discovery away from the public eye.

Hence, I never even heard of this until Sarah told me about it…

This “Under the Radar” Mascara Adds Even the Shortest Lashes Length and Luster!


Now, Sarah isn’t the type of gal to get excited about things over nothing.

So, once I heard all the good things about this mascara from Sarah, I was instantly hooked.

And after giving VitaeCharm a shot, I quickly became the biggest fan of this pro-age mascara.

First of all, the clump-free application works perfectly and guarantees each lash stays separated.

And the tubing technology that it’s equipped with makes sure of just that and the delicate brush helps you pick up even the tiniest lashes with barely any effort.

Another thing that I love about this mascara is how it doesn’t smudge under the eyes.

I used this mascara for a long time, and I can definitely vouch for its effectiveness in that department. Even while wearing glasses, it’s a smooth sail all throughout!

And you can count on VitaeCharm to handle runny eyes and rainy weather without trouble.

Most importantly, this pro-age mascara helps with the daily care and hydration of the lashes.

It’s very gentle on sensitive eyes and at the end of the day, it’s easily removed by lukewarm water.

And it’s designed specifically with watery eyes in mind, which is perfect for me.

After my dermatologist recommended me to use them, I tried many different water-based hypoallergenic mascaras, but VitaeCharm is the only one that actually helped me add length and luster to my lashes while still being safe to use!


Many other women from my support group had already tried and found success with VitaeCharm:

The look becomes less tired

Extraordinary !!! I no longer put mascara on, it no longer held, the eyelashes became flat again and lost their curvature, and at the end of the day the mascara ran a little...

With Vitae charm, makeup lasts all day and evening without moving. I manage to catch the smallest eyelashes and thus open the eyes as much as possible. The look becomes less tired. I don't think I can do without it anymore! A big thank-you


Mica. A

WOW... it works.

You have no idea how hard a time I've had in the last two years... I have bought many different brands expensively... but have only been disappointed every time... then I thought, it's now or never I'll buy the VC... And WOW... it works... THANKS a lot... ‏


Jen P.

I will certainly continue to order

The shipment arrived today and I tried the mascara straight away. In the right eye without it, in the left eye only after briefly warming it up in hot water. Both work perfectly and removing make-up with lukewarm water also worked great!

Thank you very much again for the exchange, I will certainly continue to order


Anke L.

What separates VitaeCharm from the rest is the fact that it doesn’t irritate my eyes or feel clumpy after some time like many other mascaras do so terribly.

Or even the little things like how it doesn’t make my eyelashes smudge while wearing glasses is enough to give this pro-age mascara an advantage over others.

So, go ahead and give it a try. And if you still aren’t satisfied with the results, you can easily get your refund because they offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – there is literally no good reason not to try it and see the results for yourself!