This Mascara Adds Volume And Luster To Eyelashes In 20 Seconds. And The 62-Year-Old Samantha Who Underwent Chemo for 8 Months Has Been All Over The National News Because of It!

By Ruth Smith. Beauty Writer. | May 5th, 2024| 11:11 am EST - 251.328 👁


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“Nobody believed it was possible” said the research director of VitaeCharm, after the release of their recent breakthrough formula. He and his team just won the Ageless Beauty Awards because naturally elongating thin and sparse eyelashes used to sound impossible without using harsh chemicals or extensions. Today it is a reality – it already helped the 62-year-old Samantha after she underwent chemo for 8 months. And her face’s been all over the news and social media across the U.S.

VitaeCharm Pro-Age Mascara – Instantly elongates sparse and short lashes.

What do you get when you give 11 world-renowned researchers a total of 231 reputable ingredients sourced from all across the globe and as much as 37 months to test and perfect a new formula? You get a breakthrough mascara that is capable of elongating even the thinnest and sparest lashes without causing any redness, itchiness, or irritation, and do it all in less than 20 seconds.

Do you worry that your short and sparse lashes might be attracting too much undesired attention? Tired of dealing with mascaras and extensions with harsh chemicals that cause allergic reactions and weaken your lashes in the process? Then you should give this breakthrough pro-age mascara a look because it not only helps women over 60 have lashes that could make a 21-year-old jealous, but it also does it while nourishing and conditioning your lashes at the same time.


Elongate lashes in less than 20 seconds with VitaeCharm Pro-Age Mascara.

One of the very first women to try this breakthrough mascara is the 62-year-old Samantha who is from a small town in Colorado. Her lashes started to thin and fall after she underwent chemotherapy for 8 months. Since using this revolutionary formula, her face has been all over the news in New York, Florida, California, Washington, Arizona, and Texas. And her results also went viral on Social Media.

“My lashes looked as scattered as confetti after a Christmas Party.”

Samantha stated she recently had the worst years of her life: “My whole life was shattered after I was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly, there was no room for plans, goals, hopes, or dreams in my life other than to survive this…


My diagnoses not only crippled my life and the way I feel inside, but it also permanently changed the way I look.

Nothing was the same after chemo. I didn’t feel strong like I used to. I looked unhealthy and broken. My skin was crepey, and my hair fell. I knew some of you out there might be thinking that I should feel glad just to even survive this. But it is still awful to witness and experience this change thinking that there is no way of going back from this. Worst of all, it is much different from aging where these signs appear gradually. No, I didn’t have any time to get used to them. It happened seemingly overnight. It felt like a nightmare that I just couldn’t wake up from.

To be honest, I never had the prettiest complexion nor the shiniest hair in the neighborhood. I have allergies and I always had trouble finding skincare and shampoo that didn’t cause further harm, let alone making things better. But I was never that much into makeup and things like that. It was only after surviving this, I decided to turn my life around and make every second count. I wanted to look and feel like I did before, or even better, so that I could prove to myself and to the world that it was possible to move on. So, I changed my diet and started to exercise more regularly. It was easy to get back in shape and take care of my skin. But my lashes were a different story. They never looked the same after chemo. And I always felt insecure about it…”

“The Pro-Age Mascara helps my lashes look pretty and elegant like they never did before.”

You could never guess what Samantha had been through by looking at her. She not only managed to get back in shape and rejuvenate her skin, but she also found a way to have perfect lashes.

“You already know this if you ever went through it before… From moisturizers to collagen supplements, there are countless alternatives out there when it comes to skincare. But if you are struggling with thinning and sparse lashes, you only have a few options available. You can either try “magic” growth serums which simply don’t work, or you can try extensions with glues that not only cause breakages and fallouts but also extremely hard to remove when you are done with them. A third option that is kind of in between these is using mascaras. Mascaras give lashes the appearance of length and volume. They are the most bearable of the three alternatives, but they still have many problems that make it impossible to feel even moderately comfortable using them.

First of all, they’re often made using harsh chemicals that can feel itchy and make your eyes red and watery which can then ruin your makeup at one point or another during the day. And I tried using mascaras with natural hypoallergenic ingredients before. And arguably, they are even worse because they leave this clumpy residue after you use them, and your lashes go all over the place creating a messy look. When I first started my journey to transform my appearance, I didn’t say a word of it to anyone because I didn’t want them to compliment me out of pity. I needed real results. But when I finally gave up on fixing my lashes, I shared my feelings with my best friend Carol. She and I met each other at the support group for other cancer survivors, and she was the only person who could understand what I was going through at the time. And luckily, through her I was introduced to this new pro-age mascara that could finally help me solve this issue…


I was invited to participate in the VitaeCharm trial group for the new pro-age mascara!

It sounded promising because Carol isn’t the type of person who’d get excited over nothing. But when she told me about VitaeCharm, I could see her eyes lit up. I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing I would feel and look if this actually helped with my lashes. And I was counting the days until I could finally see myself in the mirror and be proud of what I achieved after all this time…

“In as soon as 20 seconds, my lashes looked prettier than I could even imagine!”

“I know this sounds like I am exaggerating a little. But I kid you not, my lashes look better today than they did when I was still in my early 20s!

I tested this mascara as soon as it arrived. And my experience has simply been amazing so far. The first of all, there is something you realize from the moment you first use it. It feels NATURAL. It didn’t burn my eyes; it didn’t feel itchy on my skin – it felt as natural as a splash of clean water. I was surprised at first because it had an odd-looking brush. But I realized the brilliance of its design once I started using it. Simply a revolution. It makes picking up the tiniest of lashes a child’s play. It gently helped me separate each lash and apply the formula with ease. And within 20 seconds, my lashes were in perfect form. No clumps, and lashes overlapping or crossing each other. It added volume and length to my lashes which I thought I’d never witness. I couldn’t take my eyes off the mirror – my lashes looked perfect from every angle!


Am I looking at my own eyes? I never knew they could look this pretty under the right circumstances!

This really helped me realize that women at my age can still look elegant and beautiful without paying thousands to the clinics or going under cosmetic surgery. It’s always the color or the shape they first mention while talking about a person’s eyes. But what makes it look elegant and beautiful is the frame that surrounds it. And you can achieve that same mesmerizing look by knowing how to style your eyelashes with length and volume. VitaeCharm takes care of that for me. Even while wearing glasses, it doesn’t smudge or get messy. And unlike other mascaras that rely on harsh chemicals, this one has unique ingredients that condition my lashes and keeps it hydrated until the end of the day. And I can remove is easily with warm water.”

Even after 9 months of chemo, Samantha finally found a way to have stunning eyelashes that can leave a 20-something feel envious.

The VitaeCharm brush is equipped with tubing technology that helped Samantha easily apply the mascara on each lash and elongate their appearance with volume and luster throughout the day. And it was designed specifically for women over 60 so that they have everything that their lashes need in a single mascara:


 1  Easily pick up the tiniest lashes with the tubing technology and delicate brush!

VitaeCharm uses a tiny brush that helps style lashes with ease. But don’t let the size and its unusual appearance deceive you! This brush uses tubing technology to easily pick even the tinies lashes apart and apply the elongating formula on each lash individually. Its revolutionary design is the first thing that separates the Pro-Age Mascara from the rest.


 2  Clump-free application to make sure lashes stay separately.

Apply the mascara with ease, knowing that it won’t leave a clumpy residue once you are done. The serum was formulated to help your lashes look elegant and beautiful. When you are done, your lashes look separate and orderly. It elongates lashes in less than 20 seconds while adding volume and luster to their appearance!


 3  Withstands even the harshest conditions.

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside, or you are wearing glasses. Pro-Age Mascara was designed for longevity, and it can withstand pretty much anything that you may face in your daily life. Each lash stays in its place, so you’ll never have to worry about “raccoon eyes” again!


 4  Designed with the most sensitive, watery eyes in mind.

Mascaras and other cosmetic products are usually a turn off for many women because the harsh chemicals in them can be tough for the sensitive eyes and skin. Pro-Age Mascara was designed with the most sensitive skin and eyes in mind. Its natural hypoallergenic ingredients don’t cause redness, itchiness, or any irritation.


 5  Conditions lashes throughout the day, easily removed by lukewarm water.

Possibly the best thing about the VitaeCharm, and the reason behind it’s success is that while other Mascaras use harsh chemicals to do what they’re promising to do, Pro-Age Mascara not only avoids causing breakage and fallouts, but it also contains natural ingredients such as Castor Oil and Stearic Acid that condition and moisturize the lashes throughout the day.

The research director of VitaeCharm, which has already launched their exclusive pro-aging mascara as a safer, more reliable alternative to extensions, already won seven different awards in various international cosmetic platforms has commented on the growing popularity of Pro-Age Mascara:


“When we first started, our goal was to create a formula that does what the best mascaras do but without the harsh chemicals causing an uncomfortable and irritating feeling. Ideally, people shouldn’t sacrifice comfort over appearance. But once we designed the tubing technology and made this alternative accessible to women over 60, we knew we achieved so much more than that with Pro-Age Mascara. Our clinical observations on over 200 women and the results they achieved with our design are confirmed by third party institutions. Our formula keeps lashes in place for over 13 hours even under harsh weather conditions. This is definitely a new era for at-home cosmetics. At no other point in time women in their 60s could have better looking eyelashes with length and volume than those still in their early-20s.”

Boris Dushkin, the research director at VitaeCharm

Lashes with Volume & Luster – even in your 60s. NO IRITANTS, NO HARSH CHEMICALS, NO EXTENSIONS.

The Pro-Aging Mascara has been going viral since its release. Women of all ages from around the globe have been experiencing positive results. Are you ready to join them?


Results that compete with Photoshop and thousands worth of clinical care. Amazing!

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My lashes look as beautiful as they did when I was still in my 20s. I can’t believe my eyes!

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My esthetician couldn’t believe the results when I sent her this picture!


This mascara is amazing. I’ve never used anything like this before. Helped my eyes stand out!

The outstanding effectiveness of VitaeCharm Pro-Age Mascara has also been confirmed by renowned institutions outside the U.S. including South Korea, Japan, Germany, France, and Italy. It already gained the title of being the most recommended cosmetic solution of 2024, and it is estimated that one in every three women in the U.S. will be using this revolutionary tool to style their eyelashes at the end of 2024. So, make sure to stay ahead of the curve!

Lashes with volume and luster after 60 – put a stop to sparse and thinning lashes in 2024 and elongate them in less than 20 seconds today.

Picture yourself gazing into the mirror, captivated by the sight of lush, full lashes framing your eyes. Each lash is long, voluminous, and beautifully defined, drawing attention to your youthful and vibrant gaze. With just a simple flutter, you exude confidence and allure, feeling more glamorous than ever before. With every glance, you're reminded that beauty knows no age—and with your luscious lashes leading the way, you're ready to face the world with unparalleled grace and charm.

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