Here’s Why People From South Korea Don’t Use Collagen to Reduce Wrinkles Like We Do in the West…

By Ruth Smith. Beauty Writer. | June 6th, 2024| 10:11 am EST - 151.328 👁


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Note: South Korea is currently the beauty capital of the world. And when I visited there last summer, I discovered something about collagen products that nobody in the industry is talking about…

Aging hit me like a brick wall.

I used to have an amazing complexion: silky smooth and had no sign of acne growing up.

But despite following a healthy diet and never having smoked, my skin aged like milk.

And it only gotten worse after I hit 51.

I tried literally everything that I got recommended from moisturizers to collagen products, but nothing really helped me beyond showing minor improvements here and there.

At some point in my late-50s, I almost completely gave up feeling like I had no value left to offer…

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This went on for a while until I finally found out what I was doing wrong exactly. And what I discovered was so different than anything that we know about aging and skincare in the west that it can potentially end billion-dollar industries – no, I am not exaggerating!

Last summer, I went to visit South Korea because it is currently the capital of beauty and skincare.

So, I wasn’t surprised to see everyone looking so youthful and have amazing skin even way after they hit their 50s, 60s, 70s, or even 80s!

And there are two things that I learned when I was in South Korea:

1. It isn’t all about genetics.

2. The way they approach skincare is completely different than what we do in the west!

I experienced this from firsthand because while I was there, I didn’t only stay in the big cities, but instead visited the rural areas.

And in the countryside of a city called Samcheok, I found out why South Korea was leading the skincare industry today. To them, it is a part of their culture.

They had centuries old traditions to stay youthful for many years.


And luckily, I got to participate in one of them and experience from firsthand how they maintained their famous “glass skin” using a little-known natural herb!

How a Quick Trip to South Korea Changed My View of Collagen Products…

You see, every year women spend billions on collagen. And there is a good reason for that.

To put it simply, collagen is the “building block” of the skin.

About 70 to 80% of our skin is made of collagen.

And just like any other thing, the quality of the material shines through the quality of the good.

Having a dense layer of healthy collagen foundation means having a smooth, radiant complexion.

But unfortunately, once we hit the age 24, our collagen starts to rapidly decline by 1% each year until one day, our skin has wrinkles and aging marks all over it…

So, knowing this, you’d think that collagen products must be the best way to overcome this, right?

Well, it doesn’t exactly work like that in practice.


And I only found out about just how ineffective that collagen products can be when I visited South Korea for the first time and saw that they had amazing skin even though they don’t use collagen!

You see, despite how amazing it sounds, collagen is relatively cheap.

It’s often sourced from “bottom of the barrel” ingredients – leftovers from dairy products, fish, and so on. It is extracted from the parts of meat that people don’t eat. So, it is produced cheaply enough.

And this is the reason we see collagen products EVERYWHERE despite the fact that it doesn’t really help our skin the same way we assume it does.

Yes, collagen is what our skin is made of. And we need collagen to rejuvenate it.

But the problem is, simply dumping collagen onto our skin doesn’t help it produce new tissues.

So, it’s like the fabric for a cloth. It needs to be processed before it is ready to be worn.

But the good news is, our skin already knows how to process collagen and rejuvenate our skin.

If it wasn’t coded in our DNA, we wouldn’t be able to heal from wounds or injuries, you see…

So, but like I said, as we age, our collagen production declines by 1% each year. And what we lack isn’t exactly collagen, but the energy that our skin needs to produce it and rejuvenate itself!

And that’s exactly what they do in Samcheok with the help of an herb called Rénshēn – more commonly known as the “Korean Ginseng.”

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When applied onto the skin, this natural herb reenergizes stem cells that are responsible for producing new skin tissues. And the locals here have been using this herb to repair wounds and rejuvenate the skin for many centuries!

And this is the key to help produce collagen and start rejuvenating the core structure of your skin, making it look more youthful, smooth, and radiant in the process!

After I returned home, I started using skincare that contained this exact ingredient.

I especially like VitaeCharm’s BB Cream, not just because it had some other natural ingredients in it such as Aloe Vera making it perfect for the mature skin, but also because this was the only product that felt similar to the traditional recipe I tried when I was in South Korea.

It’s also very lightweight and it doesn’t feel greasy at all unlike some other creams I used before!

It works as a way to nourish my skin, improve its texture, conceal over wrinkles and pores, and so much more. I especially like the addition of Aloe Vera because my skin can get very dry and red at times. But this cream reduces inflammation and keeps my skin hydrated like nothing else does!


So, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get started on using Korean Ginseng for smoother, more youthful complexion.

Using VitaeCharm BB Cream for as little as 2 weeks helped me:

  • Diminish wrinkles and fine lines,
  • Rejuvenate the core structure of my skin,
  • Improve texture, elasticity, and complexion,
  • And have the confidence boost I’ve been craving for years!

If you are interested in Korean Ginseng, you can click here to read more about the recommended way of using VitaeCharm for the best results possible!

Conclusion: Does Korean Ginseng Live Up to Expectations or Not?

If you are someone over 50 and want to improve the appearance of your skin in the shortest amount of time possible, I’d definitely recommend using this Korean Ginseng formula.

It had tremendous effects on improving my complexion. And I’d definitely chose this over any other anti-aging product or even clinical solutions like Botox or facelift.

There are other skincare products that contain Korean Ginseng and other alternatives that also claim to help reenergize the skin cells.

But what I liked the most about this BB Cream, and what makes me trust this one more than the others, is that this is the only western product that I’ve tired so far that helped my skin feel just the same way that I felt when I joined that ceremony in Samcheok.

It helped reduce the appearance of my wrinkles and improve my complexion.

I’m definitely thankful for the day I found out about it!


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