The #1 Trick I Learned From a Superstar Makeup Artist, Helping Women Over 50 to Style Their Eyelashes Like a Supermodel Within Seconds!

By Ruth Smith. Beauty Writer. | May 6th, 2024| 10:11 am EST - 151.328 👁


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Note: While there are countless products targeting wrinkles and fine lines, same can’t be said when it comes to adding volume and luster to your lashes as a woman over 50. Here’s what I learned after a 15-minute meeting with a celebrity makeup artist about models adding decades into their careers thanks to this under-the-radar trick…

Aging feels like a roller-coaster of emotions when it comes to your social life.

On one hand, you gain so much experience, insight, and control over how you should act.

On the other hand, your appearance starts to change which can be detrimental to your confidence.

When I was going through that phase, I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I literally followed the “mainstream” idea of what a person should do to age like a fine wine to the letter.

I was in shape. I followed a healthy diet, I exercised regularly, got sunlight, kept myself hydrated, and followed an extremely comprehensive skincare routine.

But for some reason, there was something about my lashes that didn’t feel right.

They were sparser than the average women.


I always felt like lashes made me look about 15 to 20 years older than I actually was

But the thing is, there just weren’t enough options for me to test out when it comes to my lashes.

There are countless options out there to try if you are having trouble with your skin or if you want to lose some weight. But for lashes, you only get a few and they are very flawed.

First of all, we have these so-called magic serums that are supposed to support lash growth. But the reality is, not all serums work. The ones that do are extremely expensive and don't provide results immediately.

And then we have mascaras we use to elongate our lashes. But the problem is, they smudge and mess up your lashes in as soon as an hour after applying. And if you don’t notice it, it can be quite embarrassing when you catch a glimpse of the situation in the mirror after you return home…


Other mascaras smudge and mess up your lashes in as soon as an hour after applying

Finally, there’re false lashes that can be more reliable than mascaras. They withstand the environment for longer and you can count on them to do what they do. But this is due to the adhesive chemicals you use to put them on. And they are a pain to take off once you are done.

Not only that, but they also damaged my eyelashes. And I lost the very few lashes I had left some time after I started using these false lashes…

But in reality, I knew that I didn’t grow out of it. I simply, gave up…

Lisa, my best friend for many years, knew that I was going through something as I was a bit more withdrawn than usual. But she didn’t know exactly what the reason for it was.

Coincidentally, she thought that I should just get out there and meet new people.

And so, she invited me to a party that an old classmate of hers came to visit from Italy.

But this was no ordinary event. It was a special occasion where the leading figures of the fashion industry meet and network for upcoming projects…

And at that party, she introduced me to Sofia Marchesi, the genius makeup artist behind some of the most recognized supermodels of our generation!


Sofia Marchesi, the genius makeup artist behind some of the most recognized supermodels of our generation!

Being impressed that I figured out just how much difference having amazing eyelashes could make, she basically let me in on an industry secret they used to add several decades more to the careers of supermodels after they hit their 40s…

Supermodel Makeup Artist: “The secret behind the ‘hypnotizing stare’ that models abuse in commercials isn’t the color or shape the shape of their eyes. It’s the frame around them making all the difference!”

Have you ever wondered why some women have beautiful eyes?

It’s not the color, shape, age, or complexion that matters. Professional makeup artists know that the secret to mesmerize everyone with your eyes is to have more pronounced lashes.

Have you ever noticed how some supermodels age so gracefully while the others not as much?

Well, Sofia says they actually use this “industry secret” formula to improve length, volume, and luster of their eyelashes in a matter of seconds before shootings.

And as a result, these world-famous supermodels, who quite literally make millions off their looks, are able to add decades more to their careers after they hit the age 40.

(yes, including the ones you are thinking of right now.)

So, she recommended me to use this Pro-Age Mascara that has the exact same ingredients they use before sets. But it is also much more affordable than the one they use in professional studios.


You see, this formula helps style and elongate their lashes within seconds!

And it also ensures lashes doesn’t smudge due to sweat, watery eyes, rainy weather, sunglasses, or anything similar because in professional studios where the producers only have limited time to prepare the models and start shooting, they can’t afford to waste any second.

So, that’s why they use the “VitaeCharm Formula” in these productions.

It helps add volume and luster to your lashes within seconds. It withstands any environmental condition. And you can easily remove it with lukewarm water when you are done.

It literally helped hundreds of highest-earning supermodels to add decades more to their careers and stay in the game when they are in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s!

And it does that by containing only the healthiest, natural ingredients out there that nourishes and benefit their lashes in the long run. Over 50% of this formula is actually water-based and it is also enriched with healthy ingredients such as argan oil that nourishes the lashes for less fallouts.


Am I looking at my own eyes? I never knew they could look this pretty under the right circumstances!

But what I liked the most about this Pro-Age Mascara is the tubing effect. It makes it super easy to almost envelope each lash separately and stays in perfect for longer hours. Nothing gets messy!

Simply using VitaeCharm Pro-Age Mascara helped me:

  • Add volume and luster to my eyelashes,
  • Get them ready for a night-out within 20 seconds,
  • Not to be afraid for weather, sunglasses, or runny eyes,
  • Easily remove it with lukewarm water when I’m home,
  • And to look amazing in every picture since I started using it!

If you are interested in the VitaeCharm Formula, you can simply click here and discover the recommended way of using it for the best results possible!

“Do I Really Need a Pro-Age Mascara?”

Confidence is key. And knowing that you look good is definitely an easy way to achieve it.

Many of us spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on skincare products, creams, lotions, and even the so-called “magic serums” that barely make any difference.

But if you are like me and want to have real, practical results that you can see in a heartbeat, then I would definitely recommend investing in the pro-age mascara.

It’s super affordable and it provides you with near-instant results, making it much more convenient to elongate, style, and nourish your eyelashes before going out as well as removing them.

Life is too short to not take this opportunity to look in your prime for a second time. Go for it!


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