This Cream Evens Out Dark Spots & Blemishes in 20 Seconds… And The 57-Year-Old Florida Native Completely Transformed Her Skin After a Lifechanging Accident. And Her Face Has Been All Over the News Because of It!

By Ruth Smith. Beauty Writer. | June 20th, 2024| 11:11 am EST - 251.328 👁


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“They warned us not to fix what isn’t broken.” said the head of the research team at VitaeCharm, during a press conference after their new anti-blemish formula won the Ageless Beauty Awards. Covering 97.2% of blemishes and dark spots without makeup used to sound impossible. But today it is a reality – and it already helped the 57-year-old Margaret after she went through a terrible accident causing her skin to appear two decades older than she actually was.

VitaeCharm Pro-Age BB Cream – Superlight beauty balm with all-round effects.

In the realm of beauty, clinical treatments such as dermal fillers used to have superiority over at-home skincare alternatives as they tend to provide better results for a lot less effort. A simple Botox injection could easily wipe off 15 years off a woman’s appearance while the same could be achieved only after rigorously following hour-long skincare routines twice a day for several years.

However, given the fact that these invasive clinical treatments are risky and expensive while the at-home skincare alternatives work too slow and with less effect, most women go on to use harsh makeup to momentarily enhance their appearance even if it’s at the cost of their skin health in the long term. But after a group of 11 researchers tested over 117 unique ingredients in 18 months, they finally discovered a unique recipe that can not only act as a safer alternative to the expensive in-clinic solutions but can also replace the need for applying harsh makeup at the same time! Want to relive your prime years but don’t want to risk going under the knife or harming your skin with harsh makeup every day? Then you should definitely look into this pro-age BB cream because it was specifically designed to help women over 50 cover and diminish their most stubborn dark spots, blemishes and fine lines safely and affordably at home within seconds!


Wipe 15 to 25 years off safely at home with VitaeCharm Pro-Age BB Cream.

The 57-year-old Florida native, Margaret, was one of the very first few women who was fortunate enough to give VitaeCharm a try back when it wasn’t publicly available. Just before participating in the trials, Margaret had a terrible accident which caused her skin to age nearly 2 decades faster than she did. Although the doctors said there was nothing they could do besides surgery, VitaeCharm not only helped her skin to recover but also reduced the appearance of her blemishes by as much as 97.2% in under 20 seconds. And her face has been all around the news as a result!

“My skin used to have more blemishes than a dry avocado.”

Margaret stated she was going through the toughest years of her life: “I remember laying down on the beach and feeling tired. When I woke up, I was in the hospital. My face was wrapped in bandages. The doctors told me I should feel lucky to have survived…

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My skin was covered with wrinkles and blisters after the accident.

Life was never the same after the incident. My skin was covered in blisters, a constant reminder of that day. Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw the deep, irreversible blemishes and dark spots all over my face. It made me feel trapped in a body that didn’t feel like mine anymore. It’s one thing to age slowly over time and another to wake up 20 years older overnight. The suddenness of the change was shocking, leaving me no time to adjust. The experience left me feeling vulnerable and lost, as if I was stuck in a nightmare with no escape.

It was devastating for someone like me because I always tried my best to take good care of my skin. Although I wouldn’t say I didn’t look a day older than 40 before the incident. But still… The worst part was feeling like I had nothing left to offer. And when I did finally start seeking help, the answer I received was even more devastating. They told me at this stage, I had no other options but to consider surgery. I didn’t like that answer quite much. I had friends who tried cosmetic surgery before. I even know a person who literally got a loan from the bank to get a facelift, only to look so unnatural afterward. I didn’t want to risk making things worse…

“The Pro-Age BB Cream helped my skin look red carpet-ready in less than 2 weeks.”

If you’d see Margaret today, you couldn’t tell she ever had an accident. Not only that, but you’d think that she doesn’t look a day over 40. Here’s how Margaret tells the story of when she was first introduced to this revolutionary formula:

“There are countless skincare products and alternatives out there. And if any of these actually had any effect, everybody out there would have silky-smooth skin by now… The reality is, nobody got satisfying results from these ordinary topical solutions such as collagen-based products and moisturizers. Yes, keeping your skin hydrated is important. There are many essential benefits to it. But who says it is enough to make our skin appear more even? And those collagen products are practically lying to our faces. Yes, it is true that collagen is the #1 nutrient for the skin. But if you think about it, would rubbing bread on our stomach make us feel full? Well, if not, why would rubbing collagen onto our skin improve its texture? Exactly.

I got the best long term results out of vitamin C as it is the most recommended topical solution to even out skin tone. But still, it took me nearly 3 years to see any substantial results and even then, it wasn’t nearly enough. So, over the years, I regularly used makeup to try and cover the dark spots and blemishes that were haunting my skin for years. And although it helped me cover these imperfections substantially, it was also making my wrinkles appear more pronounced which didn’t feel any better than having blemishes. But what’s even worse is that the harsh chemicals in makeup was causing my skin to age faster! So, each month, I had to use even more makeup to cover the imperfection while doing so was increasing the number of wrinkles and dark spots that I had. And this vicious cycle went on until my best friend Samantha recommended me to see a dermatologist she had a great experience with.

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Participating in the VitaeCharm trial group was the best thing that ever happened to me!

Now I visited three other dermatologists before that. And they all told me that surgery was my only option. But Samantha wasn’t the type of person to get this excited over nothing. So, when she told me that this dermatologist was actively working on research to replace the risky and expensive clinical treatments with safer at-home alternatives that were just as effective if not more, I knew I had to give this a shot. And that’s how I ended up participating in the trial for VitaeCharm.

“It took less than 20 seconds for this cream to help my skin look smoother than it did in the last 20 years!”

“I know this sounds like I am exaggerating a little. But believe me when I say this, my skin hadn’t look this flawless since I was still in my 20s!

I tested this BB Cream as soon as it arrived. And my experience has simply been amazing so far. The first of all, it is super light and easy to apply. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on my skin at all. And it seamlessly blends with my natural skin color. And best of all, it not only covers all the dark spots and blemishes around my skin, but it also does that without making my fine lines appear more pronounced – and I love this cream for it! My skin looks red carpet-ready in only 20 seconds every time I plan to go out. And this cream is able to allow that while also nourishing my skin with a healthy blend of ingredients. I couldn’t ask for more!


Is this actually me? I never knew my skin even had the potential to look this smooth without makeup!

If it wasn’t for VitaeCharm, I’d never believe it was even possible for women at my age to have such smooth skin without putting makeup on. Even with clinical treatments, a +50 woman who gets a facelift doesn’t look like a 40-some-year-old. She looks like a 50-year-old who got a facelift. But with VitaeCharm that doesn’t have to be the case at all. It seamlessly mimics my natural skin tone and covers the blemishes, dark spots, and fine lines on my skin. And it feels NATURAL as if I just transformed my skin to look the way it did 15 to 25 years ago. Best of all, it doesn’t take away from my skin health but supports it instead by nourishing it throughout the day! Anyone can easily apply VitaeCharm safely at home and without making expensive appointments, go under risky operations, or putting on harsh chemicals that are harmful to our skin. It feels superlight, it is easy to both apply and wash off, and it supports my skin texture with its healthy formula containing ingredients like Korean ginseng and aloe vera!”

Even after the terrible accident that caused Margaret’s skin to have blisters and blemishes all over it, she could still use this cream to effectively cover the imperfections on her skin in a way that could make a 20-something envious.

Today the final version of the award-winning VitaeCharm formula also contains SPF-20 to protect the skin from sunlight damage while also keeping it hydrated with Aloe Vera and energized thanks to Korean Ginseng. And it was designed specifically for women over 50 to have silky smooth skin safely at home in less than 20 seconds:

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 1  Easily Apply and Watch It Seamlessly Mimic Your Skin Tone

It only takes 20 seconds for VitaeCharm to help cover dark spots and blemishes with minimal effort. The jury found the Pro-Age BB Cream worthy of the Ageless Beauty Awards because of its ability to adjust to user’s skin tone and allow for a silky-smooth appearance in no time. It replaces the need to use makeup that is undoubtedly too harsh for most skin types. It resists the environmental conditions whether it is humid or dry outside. And best of all, it is as easy to clean up after as it is to put it on.

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 2  The Lightweight Formula Doesn’t Feel Greasy and Uncomfortable Throughout the Day

The #1 complaint that the early trial group had about their skincare was the heavy feeling and grease that came with the more “natural” products they were using. These products were safer and healthier, but they often regretted using these because they left a greasy feeling that would feel more and more uncomfortable as the day progressed. In order to overcome this issue, the VitaeCharm team made sure to find and use lightweight natural ingredients that didn’t feel greasy. This addition even became a user favorite when the trial ended!


 3  Helps Cover Difficult Spots Without Magnifying Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Unlike makeup, the VitaeCharm formula is designed specifically with women over 50 in mind. The Pro-Age BB Cream effortlessly covers dark spots and blemishes without magnifying the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It can easily cover even the most difficult spots without causing more problems along the way!

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 4  All the Best Natural Ingredients to Allow for Lasting Benefits Along the Way…

While makeup and risky operations may harm the skin in the long run, VitaeCharm does the exact opposite. It is packed with an abundance of natural ingredients such as Korean Ginseng to stimulate natural collagen production, Aloe Vera to keep the skin hydrated, German Chamomile extract to improve elasticity, Mentha arvensis leaf extract to allow for a youthful glow, Vitamin E to help nourish the skin, and Purslane extract to sooth irritation. And today to final formula also includes SPF-20 to block the harmful sunlight.

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 5  Choose Between Medium and Natural Tone Alternatives!

Pro-Age BB Cream comes in two variants. The VitaeCharm Team reported that most women do best with the Medium Shade. However, if your skin is on the lighter side, you may find it more suitable to use the Natural Shade which doesn’t include the slight hints of darker tones that the Medium Shade offers.

The research director of VitaeCharm, which has already launched their exclusive formula as a safer, more reliable alternative to makeup, already won seven different awards in various international cosmetic platforms has commented on the growing popularity of Pro-Age BB Cream:


“When we first started, our goal was to create a formula that could replace the heavier weight BB Creams with a superlight, grease-free alternative. Ideally, people shouldn’t sacrifice comfort over appearance. But once we discovered that our formula could also replace harmful makeups that magnify wrinkles and made this alternative accessible to women over 60, we knew we achieved so much more than that with Pro-Age BB Cream. Our clinical observations on over 200 women and the results they achieved with our design are confirmed by third party institutions. Our formula seamlessly blends with and mimics natural skin tone to cover even the most difficult blemishes and dark spots. This is definitely a new era for at-home cosmetics. At no other point in time women in their 60s could have smoother and more radiant complexion than those still in their early-20s.”

Boris Dushkin, the research director at VitaeCharm

Silky Smooth Complexion – even in your 60s. NO MAKEUP, NO HARSH CHEMICALS, NO APPOINTMENTS.

The Pro-Aging BB Cream has been going viral since its release. Women of all ages from around the globe have been experiencing positive results. Are you ready to join them?

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Results that compete with Photoshop and thousands worth of clinical care. Amazing!

Frame 20.jpg__PID:ba27622b-038a-4c15-8bc3-c86054b151a0

My skin looks as smooth and radiant as it did when I was still in my 20s. I am shocked by the results!

Frame 21.jpg__PID:f9cdba27-622b-438a-9c15-cbc3c86054b1

My dermatologist couldn’t believe the difference when I sent her this picture!

Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 17.56.21.png__PID:692ed7d2-b7a8-4bc0-9889-2b2b825ed1a6

This cream is magic. I’ve never used anything like this before. Helped me cover and diminish all blemishes on my skin in less than a minute!

The outstanding effectiveness of VitaeCharm Pro-Age BB Cream has also been confirmed by renowned institutions outside the U.S. including South Korea, Japan, Germany, France, and Italy. It already gained the title of being the most recommended cosmetic solution of 2024, and it is estimated that one in every three women in the U.S. will be using this revolutionary formula to cover their blemishes without makeup at the end of 2024. So, make sure to stay ahead of the curve!

Silky-Smooth Complexion after 60 – cover all dark spots and blemishes in under 20 seconds and quit using harmful makeup in 2024.

Picture yourself gazing into the mirror, captivated by the sight of your silky-smooth skin that could make a 20-something feel jealous. There are no signs left of even the most difficult dark spots and blemishes that were dragging your confidence for so many years. And instead, you are left with a natural and youthful radiance that lasts throughout the day. With every glance, you're reminded that beauty knows no age—and with your mesmerizing new glow, you're ready to face the world with unparalleled grace and charm.

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