This Is How 60+ Year-Old American Women Reclaimed Their 20s Eyelashes Using This...


By Ruth Smith
Last Updated Mar 18, 2024

Summary: You know, us gals over 60 often gripe about our lashes not being what they once were. Blame it on genetics, hormones, or too much sun exposure. We've given loads of mascaras and serums a shot. But truth be told, most of them just don't cut it. But hey, there's this miracle stuff that's giving us back our lashes.


Big cosmetic companies are all about wrinkles, tight skin, and looking younger. But let's be real – when was the last time you saw them push for longer lashes aimed at us over 60? Our lashes always seem to get sidelined when it comes to looking and feeling good.

Cosmetic science mainly targets wrinkles, firm skin, and a youthful look. But big cosmetic companies hardly ever think about eyelashes. When did you last see a big ad for longer lashes aimed at women over 60? Beauty creams are everywhere, but our lashes often get ignored.

Only in 2023 did Cosmetic science release one of its first reports regarding eyelashes. 

"And in their report, I saw shocking things. The features of mascara that were pushed on us all these years in advertisements - almost all of them are harmful to our eyelashes."

  • Expired mascara can damage your lashes - when was the last time you looked at the expiry date on your mascara? Often we don't think of beauty products as particularly perishable, but they are, and the expired chemicals can damage your lashes.
  • Harsh mascara may result in lash loss - Non-hypoallergenic mascara (one that contains preservatives) can irritate your eyes, making you rub them more frequently. Always use a pH balanced, gentle product.
  • Waterproof mascara dries out our lashes - Waterproof mascaras are a nightmare to remove. They make lashes thinner, and more prone to breakage. Water-resistant is the way to go here!

And of course, scientists have confirmed that products for our lashes should also be adapted for older women. Their formulas should exclude all toxic elements, and the base should be water-based or natural oil-based.

I happened to test such a product myself. There's a new product tailored for us 60+ ladies that tackles these concerns head-on.


Does it really work?

When I first tried this mascara, I had my doubts as always. But after using it for three weeks, I'm sold! It's truly designed for those in their 60s and beyond. It effortlessly adds length and separates even my thin and sparse lashes.

Here are my six reasons why I recommend switching to this mascara from your old one, no matter what you're currently using!


1. Clump-free application with each lash separated

Often, with other mascaras, they'd clump up, which was a real hassle. But this mascara is magic!. No clumps when applying and each of my lashes stays separate. Even when I'm in a rush and applying makeup while sitting in the car. 


2. Delicate brush to pick up the tiniest lashes

Yes, this brush looks strange. But only until you use it. Its shape allows it to pick up even my shortest lashes. With other mascaras, I had to use bulky brushes several times for this.


3. No smudges even while wearing glasses

It's absolutely true - this mascara doesn't smudge, so I never worry about raccoon eyes. It stays in place all day. Even while wearing glasses, my lashes don't smudge at all.


4. Gentle on sensitive eyes

As someone with sensitive eyes, I'm thrilled with Vitae Charm mascara. It's gentle and water-based, perfect for my delicate eyes. Plus, knowing it's made with safe, hypoallergenic ingredients gives me peace of mind.


5. Easily removed with warm water

Aslo I love the fact that this mascara is easily removed JUST by warm water. Which saves my lashes from hars rubbing and pulling off. 


6. Designed with watery eyes in mind

It stays put, even when my eyes water. Whether it's raining or I'm feeling emotional, I'm confident my mascara won't budge. My old mascaras would always run in those situations.

What Does Vitae Charm do differently?

In conducting research, Vitae Charm surveyed thousands of women across the US to grasp their most pressing lash concerns. They pinpointed a significant gap in the market - specifically, a mascara tailored for women 60+.

Here's how Vitae Charm delivers maximum impact while nourishing your lashes for a perpetually youthful and stunning appearance:

  • Delicate brush to easily pick up even the tiniest lashes
  • Special attention to clump-free feature to make sure as many lashes stay separate as possible
  • Tubing technology to cover each lash separately
  • Designed with watery eyes in mind. We know it may happen that's why we adapted the mascara. It will stay put giving you you confidence in case it rains or have a weep
  • Gentle on sensitive eyes. Vitae Charm mascara is water-based and contains safe and hypoallergenic ingredients carefully selected with your comfort in mind.

Vitae Charm


Designed for grown queens
Tubing technology for no smudges
Easily removed with warm water
Vegan and cruelty-free
Standing rain and moisture
Special wand for tiny lashes

10 000+ American Women 60+ Choosed This Mascara


Olivia A.

Verified Buyer

"What I can say is that I tried the mascara already and that's why I bought two more now. It's a great brush for (like me) older people who have lost some eyelashes over the years. I have never before found a brush that fits me so well. With larger brushes, it becomes too sticky when the lashes are shorter and fewer."


Victoria L.

Verified Buyer

"I have now tried the mascara. Mascara didn't stick and stayed on after several hours. Thank you for replacing the incorrect one. It's impressive that you acknowledged the error in the product, a big plus and I spread good advertising about you👍 Good luck in the future."


Lauren D.

Verified Buyer

"The best mascara I've had. Meets what I want from a mascara, lengthens the lashes, just the right color. At this stage of life, I don't want thick, full black lashes. Perfect for me."

Premium Mascara for an Affordable Price

Now, of course, nobody can claim that Vitae Charm is the only effective mascara on the market. There are some well-known brands out there that offer similar benefits and are also a great choice for women 60+. Unfortunately, most of these mascaras cost upwards of $70, which for many women, isn't affordable.

Surprisingly, Vitae Charm offers their mascara at a very reasonable $30, and they even include free delivery for orders over $50. Plus, it's completely risk-free with a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

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How Does Vitae Charm Offer Such a Great Deal?

This is a common approach for emerging D2C (direct-to-consumer) brands aiming to stand out and provide their top-notch products to American consumers at a fraction of the price.

Vitae Charm doesn't allocate hefty sums to pay CEOs or invest in expensive Super Bowl ads; they rely on grassroots recommendations from regular Americans.

Moreover, their mission isn't solely profit-driven; they're genuinely dedicated to enhancing the lives of women over 60. They consistently donate a significant portion of their earnings to charities supporting breast cancer and other pro-women initiatives.



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